Office and commercial
space for rent

aleja Spółdzielczości Pracy 75, Lublin

Modern building

Just for you, we have created a modern building on the main street, in an excellent location, with perfect communication. Modern architecture and rich infrastructure with a class A technical standard provide excellent conditions for everyday functioning and effective running of business.

Perfect location

Directly on the national road, Aleja Spółdzielczości Pracy in Lublin. Quick access to the Lublin bypass S17/S19 (directions: Warsaw, Lubartów, Chełm/Zamość), the airport in Świdnik, as well as the city center.

Convenient communication

Excellent communication – full turn-by-turn information from the national road
(entrance and exit on the basis of left- and right-hand turns).

Sun protection

The special SunGuard glass transmits 62% of light and absorbs 34% of solar energy.

Large glazing

Natural daylight provides optimal conditions for everyday work.

Warm aluminum joinery

Thermally insulating ALUPROF MB-70-HI profiles will contribute to better work comfort and savings during the use of the facility.

LED lighting

An energy-saving lighting system based on LED technology will help reduce fixed costs.

Air conditioning and heating

The latest VRF system: very economical, allows for individual temperature control.

Raised floors

The use of a raised floor system allows for flexible interior arrangement.

Quiet triple-glazed unit

Additional calming allows you to focus more on planned tasks.

Fiber optic – 3 operators

Comfortable access to the Internet is the standard of the 21st century.

Suspended Ceilings

It is possible to use a modular suspended ceiling system and install dedicated lighting technologies throughout the building.

Mechanical ventilation

Individually adjustable ventilation will allow for the optimal amount of exchange and fresh air.

Load capacity of ceilings

Increased ceiling load-bearing capacity to 6.0 kN/m2 on selected floors and 3.0 kN/m2 on the remaining floors.


A quiet, high-speed electric elevator will allow you to move between floors.


Underground parking and above-ground parking lots (approx. 100 parking spaces).

Clear height

Rooms with a height of 3.0 m to the suspended ceiling (3.6 m to the ceiling).

EV charging station

An ecological and innovative solution – comfortable charging of electric vehicles, as well as an excellent way to engage in the development of zero-emission transport.

Relax on the terrace

Terraces have been designed on selected floors for the most demanding customers.

Sustainable development

The system solutions used in the building, architectural materials and greenery arrangement are fully consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

Surrounding greenery around the building

It creates a pleasant atmosphere and gives a unique space.

Spacious lobby

It allows for a moment of relaxation and is a comfortable place for waiting guests.

Alternative energy source

Photovoltaic panels. Caring for ecology.


A location that ideally supports effective business operations.

  • Lublin, aleja Spółdzielczości Pracy 75
  • Right next to the national road, near Ikea, Galeria Olimp
  • Access to: the ring road, public transport, bicycle path, parking lot, airport


al. Spółdzielczości Pracy 75
20-147 Lublin
NIP: 7123333412
KRS: 0000893270